I’m Helen, 30, avid traveller, writer and reader. I’m from Berlin aka the capital of the enlightened world and unsurprisingly suffer from a mild version of megalomania. I’ve wasted large parts of my adult life to obtain an M.Sc. and an M.A. in Political Economy, Macroeconomics and Finance. However, I was truly devoted to a myriad of international trips which culminated in my first two trips around the world.

I’ve written travelogue throughout my career and shared it via e-mail to show my peers you don’t necessarily die when hitch-hiking through Indonesia, Chile or Kosovo. My musings made me realise what my passion in random long-distance travelling is: learning about history, economics and politics. Living in post-factual times, some of the peers got bored by my explanations of how one of Burkina Faso’s main means of transport – donkeys – are threatened by the Chinese who happen to eat them. To cut a long story short: I started blogging to put my academic titles to use and to share my travel research with the world.

PS: I’m writing in English now because I’ve perfected my native German.